RB CDC Charge / Discharge / Cycle System

Here it is, the RBbatteries CDC system!  This system is the ultimate battery charger / discharger / cycler.  The touchscreen allows you the flexibility to tailor the charging and discharging characteristics to your needs.  This system will balance the cells in your battery pack and be a critical maintenance tool to keep your battery in good health.  Includes everything you need: the box itself, vehicle installed harness, IMA fan attachment clips, power cord, instructions and IMA fan controller board for certain versions.  To avoid paying for a rebuilt or a brand new IMA battery, which can cost thousands of dollars, pick up this system and continue frown free driving!


 General Features:

  • Compact design, all included in a small box.
  • Results page provides a summary of all highest and lowest voltages seen during a session.
  • US Power cable included (EU type F, UK type G available) 
  • 110-230V AC 50/60Hz input compatible

Charging Features:

  • Charges at a constant ~270mA rate.
  • User adjustable charged time plateau.  This starts a timer each time the highest voltage is measured.  
  • You can change the timer length from 1 hour to 12 hours, in 1 hour increments.  The higher this setting, the fuller the charge.
  • Countdown timer shows you the amount of time left for the charge session.

Discharging Features:

  • Discharges at a 180Ω or 360Ω rate (example: 150V/180Ω=833mA).
  • Adjustable switch point for the half charge rate to enable.
  • No external light bulbs, uses internal resistors.  Keeps the system very compact and robust.
  • User adjustable depth of discharge down to 15V in 5V increments (cut-off voltage).

Cycling Features:

  • Same features as charging / discharging.
  • Allows up to 5 charge / discharge cycles.
  • Each discharge cycle has an adjustable depth of discharge, cut-off voltage (example: Cycle 1 = 120V, Cycle 2 = 90V, Cycle 3 = 60V, etc).

Error Checking:

  • Several parameters are checked during the sessions to make sure your system is safe. 
  • The IMA cooling fan is checked for operation (can be disabled for pack work outside of vehicle).
  • The correct voltage ranges for the battery are checked.
  • Correct current (amps) to protect against shorts.
  • Discharge overheat protection.


  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1 day1