Honda IMA Battery Reconditioning Products

RB CDC Charge / Discharge / Cycle System

Here it is, the RBbatteries CDC system!  This system is the ultimate battery charger / discharger / cycler.  The touchscreen allows you the flexibility to tailor the charging and discharging characteristics to your needs.  This system will balance the cells in your battery pack and be a critical maintenance tool to keep your battery in good ...(Read More)


From $394.99

RB Simple Grid Charger System

This simple and easy to use system will help keep your IMA battery in working condition.  This system works by balancing the cells in the battery pack. This will keep higher MPG and have more assist power!  Fix those troublesome IMA CEL lights.  The system comes with everything needed to insta ...(Read More)


From $179.99

RB Two Bulb Discharger

Discharger for all variations of RBbatteries charger systems (not needed for CDC).  Comes with two bulb wood stand, two incandescent 60W bulbs, and the mating connector to an RBbatteries vehicle installed harness.  Only works wi ...(Read More)


From $39.99

 RB Vehicle Harness 

The listing is for extra vehicle harnesses for any of the grid charger systems.  If you have more than one grid charger capable vehicle and need additional harnesses, pick them up here!  Please be sure to select the correct vehicle for which it is needed. These harnesses are dischar ...(Read More)

From $39.99


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